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Lay Mission Institute – LAMIN

Lay Mission Institute - LAMIN is a center for advanced theological and pastoral training program for lay Catholics in Myanmar


It welcomes all Catholic youth who have already passed the matriculations exam from all parts of Myanmar. It is linked to Saint Vincent School of Theology (SVST) of the Philippines. The purpose of the institute is to enrich the catholic youth with theological and pastoral programs. By offering this program to the catholic youth, they are to take the important role of laity when they go back to their respective parishes. Along with theological enrichment, it takes great emphasis on Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Human Formation. It offers 3 months courses every year.

The main subjects of the institute are

  1. Life, Revelation, Faith & Reason
  2. Background of the Bible: An introduction
  3. Introduction to Church Teachings (Nature of Dogma & Doctrine)
  4. Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
  5. Theology for Laity: A Primier
  6. Church in Asia (John Paul II)
  7. The Holy Spirit in Asia (FABC)
  8. English (Grammar & Theological terms)