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COVID 19 Responses

When the first case of COVID 19 of Myanmar is found in the month of March (2020) in Tedim, Chin State, ABC and its partner CSOs have a short meeting in order to response the COVID 19. Thus we form a group namely COVID 19 Prevention Team (Kale CSOs). Out of our resources, we decide to give awareness raising and hand gel to vulnerable groups especially to vendors from 14 Markets in Kale Township and to poor families living in religious compound. They, out of panic and fear, have to go and sell food (fruits, vegetables etc.) to markets for their daily living.
Markets are the first place where all kinds of people come and gather for daily food. And thus these markets become the most dangerous centers for the infection & transmission of COVID 19 disease to hundreds of people in just a short time.
Thus we have raw hand gel materials ordered from Yangon and make them according to instructed formula and tested the alcohol 70 % with alcohol meter. Along with awareness raising vinyl in the market places, we give 250 ml hand gel bottle each with instruction to vendors from 14 markets of Kale Township. Cooperating with different religious leaders and local authorities, we too support soaps and hand gels to monasteries, local check points, people living with disability (PLWD) and poor families supported by respective churches. We cover only around 500 vendors, some PLWDs and around 70 vulnerable households living in different religious compounds.


Dear Friends,
Summer greetings!
For most of our urban children as well as young people, summer is a special time to take trainings, attend many courses and prepare for the upcoming school by taking endless classes. The impact of such education is questionable. As an active civil society actor, ABC would like to share with you a parable/fable below entitled "Animal School" in order to help the readers revisit the education of our society. Enjoy reading!
ABC Team