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(April 2017 – March 2020)

The project entitled “Capacity Building of Chinland Civil Society in Myanmar” aims to increase the CSOs’ potential to act for and empower their local communities by providing them with the institutional base, competence in project development and management, fundraising skills, network of contacts with other NGOs and strengthen coordination and collaboration among them.

To achieve these goals, the implementing agency has completed providing project-related information, support and space for CSO gatherings and collaboration (partnership and networking) as well as fundraising backing and on-demand assistance.

Training Activities

In order to increase the CSOs’ potential to act for and empower their local communities by providing them with the institutional base, competence in project development and management, fundraising skills and network of contacts with other NGOs, the project conducted some trainings, in Chinland, for CSOs leaders from target area. We organize a set of trainings in Kalay, Tamu and Khampat townships.

No Training Title No. of Org. M F Total Training Team Date and Place
1. Community Mobilization 13 17 7 34 Success Performance Building Centre 11-13 Oct 2017, Tamu
2. Proposal Writing 15 23 15 38 Share Mercy 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2017, Tamu
3. Basic Organization Development 14 15 14 29 Share Mercy 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2017, Tamu
4. Leadership 6 12 8 20 ABC Myanmar 18-20 Jan 2018, Khampat
5. Organizational Development Workshop 8 16 5 21 ABC Myanmar 6 Feb 2018, Tamu
6. Monitoring and Evaluation 10 15 10 25 ABC Myanmar and Green Kennedy Group 21-23 Mar 2018, Kalay
7. Project Report Writing 14 29 7 36 Thein Than Aung (Freelance Trainer, Yangon) 22 – 24, May 2018, Tamu
8. Seed Production 10 22 4 26 Tamu District Indigenous Organization 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2018, Tamu
9. Leadership 7 17 20 37 DawArrShwe ( Freelance Trainer, Kalay) 14-15, Feb 2019, Khampat
10. Monitoring and Evaluation 17 10 20 30 DawPhyoWaiLwin (Trainer) 29th -31st July 2019 Kale
11. OD Training 18 17 13 30 U Kap Sian Khual (Freelance Trainer, IOL) 21st – 23rd November 2019 Kale
12. Communication Skills Training 9 19 21 40 DawArrShwe (Freelance Trainer) 24th – 25th January 2020, TamuMyothit
13. Cyber Security Training 20 15 13 28 U Michael Suantak (Freelance Trainer) 27th – 29th February 2020, Kale

Trainings Highlights

We provide seed production training especially for farmers and CSO of Tamu working in seed production program. The training is given by a CSO member who has attended training in Magwe Town, Magwe Region. ABC Myanmar sends him to take the training for improving capacity and to share in his township. It is great opportunity for him and his Township. We help one organization and the organization help many organizations.

We conduct leadership training for CSOs in Khampat Township. It intends to empower the capacity of the local CBO, CSOs and FBOs. There are 37 participants in the training. Mostly, they are running Faith Based Organizations. FBOs do not have training opportunity in Church. They only receive Biblical knowledge although they are working on social activities respectively.
They need capacity building for better working on ground. As a result, we provide training. Church pastors and leaders, youth and other women participated in the training. Training participants understands the basic concept of leadership. They said that leadership is not only meant for leaders, but also it is important in family, community and church.

We have Monitoring and Evaluation Training conducted for Kale CSOs after doing proper verbal assessment of the local need. There are a total of 30 participants (Male=10, Female=20) representing 17 CSOs from Kale Township and Chin State. The topics addressed are:

  • Project Goal and Objective Identification
  • Defining Indicators and Data Collection Methods
  • Creation an Analysis Plan for Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Responsibilities of M & E Person

The presentation of the training is in Flit-chart and verbal presentations and participatory ensuring two-way communication. The trainer allows all the participants to raise questions or express their experience and opinions. The active participation of women in discussion, presentation and Q and A session is worth noting. The participants appreciate with the knowledge and skills they learn from the training which covers a variety of aspects in M & E. They say that they can check and see their work and others work with the M&E eyes, and prepare the best for donor M&E trip.

In OD training, the topics they learn in three days are the meaning of organization, civil society and civil society organization, organizational structures, driving force of organization, 7s for OD, leadership qualities, abstract conceptualization, active experimentation, reflective observation, ways of working together, shared goals and power, trust building & communication, networking & collaboration, shared accountability, 10 ingredients for building effective team, two types of analysis (SWOT & PESTLE), life circle of organization and lessons on famous world organizations.

The presentation of Communication Skills Training in Tamu Myothit is only in Flit-chart as there is no electricity in the day. The active participation of all sort of age (from 10 to 70) is well noting and satisfactory in Q & A session, discussion, presentation and actual practice. They are really hunger for this kind of capacity building knowledge/skills for this training is their very first experience in their life-time. They learn about body language, good manner, problem tree analysis, trading group work, good communication work, problem analysis & 3 ways of solving and communication level in stages of organizations.

In the Cyber Security training in Kale, the CSOs learn about IP law for licensing electronic gadgets, ideas on security with human, devices, messages and network, Gmail account and its setting, Facebook/messenger and its security setting, Signal Application, safe mailing, digital policy making in each organization, checking firewall and privacy setting, Https. everywhere for checking if a website is secure or not, virus protection, browsing history, Vera crypt for storing files, online conferencing and phone conference call.
The trainer uses power point and flit-chart presentations. This training is of genuine importance and need of CSOs for many people especially active CSOs, activists, journalists and farmers in Myanmar are seized with Cyber Security reason. The CSOs become known thoroughly about present Cyber Security Law and more aware of proper/ self-protective use of social media.

Coordination Meeting Activities

To improve networking and collaboration among Civil Society Organizations and communities, we make CSO Coordination in Tamu, Kalay, Tamu Myo Thit and Tedim townships.

No Training Title No. of Org. M F Total Organizing Team Date and Place
1. CSOs Coordination Meeting 18 14 4 18 ABC Myanmar 20 Sep 2017, Kalay
2. CSOs Coordination Meeting 17 23 4 27 ABC Myanmar 13 Oct 2017, Tamu
3. CSOs Coordination Meeting 6 10 - 10 ABC Myanmar 15 Nov 2017, Tamu
4. CSOs Home Christmas 23 23 16 39 ABC Myanmar 20 Dec 2017, Kalay
5. CSOs Home Christmas 17 29 17 46 ABC Myanmar 21 Dec 2017, Tamu
6. CSOs Coordination Meeting 3 3 - 3 ABC Myanmar 30 Oct 2018, Tamu Myo Thit
7. CSOs Coordination Meeting 5 19 5 24 ABC Myanmar 14 Dec 2018, Tedim
8. Christmas Gathering with PLHA Children and CSO 6 24 36 60 ABC Myanmar 27 Dec 2018, Kalay
9. Union Day & CSO Coordination Meeting 30 83 140 223 Tamu District CSOs and ABC Myanmar 12 Feb 2019, Tamu
10. Chin National Day& CSO Coordination Meeting 19 20 15 35 ABC Myanmar 20 Feb 2019, Kalay
11. CSOs Coordination Meeting 12 11 9 20 ABC Myanmar 21 Dec 2019, Kale
12. CSOs Coordination Meeting 11 9 4 13 ABC Myanmar 26 Mar 2020, Kale
13. CSOs Coordination Meeting 15 12 13 25 ABC Myanmar 31 July 2019, Kale
14. CSOs Coordination Meeting 12 8 7 15 ABC Myanmar 24 Aug 2019, Kale
15. CSOs Coordination Meeting 16 11 13 24 ABC Myanmar 15 Oct 2019, Kale

Coordination Highlights

The results of the Coordination Meetings are

  • stronger coordination between organizations than before,
  • more training opportunities by others organizations to smaller groups,
  • more information for calls for proposals,
  • better cooperation with different local government departments with CSOs,
  • Kale CSOs know about DKA and the exact information and ways of writing proposals to it.
  • local authorities become more cooperative with CSOs in Kale and Tamu
  • Falam and Tonzang CSOs get in touch with Kale CSOs
  • more opportunities of sharing information and cooperation among CSOs
  • one women-led CSO (DHIP) reaches to DKA for project application
  • Kale CSOs actively participate the response of COVID 19 as a group and as a particular CSO
  • CSOs also volunteer in awareness raising and response of seasonal dengue under the guidance of Public Health Department in Kale Township.