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ABC's Summer Greetings!

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Aid Agencies, Charities, Foundations- international, regional, national and local- can get involved in our mission for progression of people in a variety of ways.

Private donors are warmly welcome. You may leave us gifts, belongings, things and others that you think helpful for those in dire need.

There are rooms for local volunteers. Civil society organization -religious, non-religious and not-for-profit groups are warmly welcome if they want to network and affiliate us for humanitarian works. We are looking for your partnership.

There are rooms for foreign volunteers. You can volunteer for fundraising in your respective country. Donors expect to be visited by volunteers, not staff. You are the best door-openers and the right persons to bridge your own circles of friends with the ABC staff.

Finally, everyone may get involved in ABC just by providing us some advice, feedback, critique, spiritual-moral support, and wishes and prayers- and even praise. You may share your expertise and precious time as well.